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Cool pig Shiny
blue pig with a cigarette
Frog chatched a fly

Good to see you, my friend, welcome to the Los Porkos World NFT METAVERSE with more metaversums/metaverses in it, where everything is possible. We have worked hard on Los Porkos World to bring you a collection that will have significant benefits beyond collecting and owning some cool art.

Los Porkos is a huge and crazy NFT world with crazy pigs, unique digital hand-drawn collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. WIN MONEY with pigs EVERY HAND-DRAWN PIG is RARE and UNIQUE

Pigs in this world are on another planet or in a parallel dimension, nobody knows, but you can find out how they are living and be part of the Los Porkos community that will influence a part of this world.

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The inhabitants of Los Porkos!

Pigs with daily lives and hobbies.

Find your perfect fit!

EVERY pig is hand-drawn and is ORIGINAL. If you collect our NFT’s, it will support us in further creating and expanding the world of pigs. We’ll make min 1.000 original pigs and then its derivates. The final number of pigs will be 9.999, but we are very lazy pigs and don’t know if we can ever make so many pigs for your world. If you own a pig valued more, it means it has more OINKS (prestige points) than other things (NFTs) from Los Porkos World. Every pig has its history. A floor price of a pig starts at 0.009 ETH.

What can you have

Only a pig owner can access exclusive discord channels and exclusive stuff in Los Porkos World. Rewards, challenges, giveaways are more than a matter of course. We are supporting the growth of the world with mobile games, videos, and other possible tools, and our production, thanks to is growing the value of your NFT. We look more further than you think.

Los Porkos World (LPW)

Construction site. Sorry, this will know only owners of a pig and then discord members first and then others. Buy a pig and stay tuned to our discord to find out first our plan.

 the benefits of owning a pig

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1. If you buy a pig from Los Porkos World, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art. You’re buying membership access to Los Porkos World

2. Each pig can you buy from opensea or rarible

3. starting price from 0.009

4. Access the world

5. Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the owner over their NFT. They are not allowed reproduction for other NFTs.

6. ERC-1155 Non fungible token

7. Access to Los Porkos World DAO

8. Participate in Los Porkos World events

9. Gain additional benefits through the roadmap

10. Build Los Porkos World and games with us

11. Each time we declare on discord, we will make competition so that you can buy something exceptional that will not be available on either opensea or rarible and gain more prestige points.

12. More Oinks means more things to win an NFT.

13. More Oinks means you can buy something for a better price than others.

14. Only a pig owner can win ETH


OUR Collections

Everything you buy has value.

Everything in Los Porkos World will be valued with prestige points / OINKS

More NFTs mean more Prestige points. Pigs are much more valuable.

Los Porkos Pigs

Los Porkos Pigs

Art and MEMES

Art and MEMES

Los cryptos

City Buildings

City Buildings

Los cryptos

We love animals

We love animals

Accessories and things

Accessories and things

Startupigs logo (Small).png

Finished projects VIDEOS.
look at the Fundamentals of Los Porkos

#startupiG videos

#startupiG videos

#startupiG videos

#startupiG videos

STartupigs are short video series with startupers in Los Porkos World. Head of the crew is Miguel living by his mom and working from moms garage with his friends. They all wants to be billionairies and will do everything for that but sometimes isn't going how they planned. They are in love in games, crypto and NFTs. Check their journey and have some fun.

Finished projects MOBILE GAMES and MERCH.
look at the Fundamentals of Los Porkos

Mobile Games on Appstore and googlestore





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social networks

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1 golden ass.png


Buy our NFTs and gain prestige points/Oinks or Buy a pig and earn more prestige points/Oinks. WIN NFT and MONEY for DISCORD INVITES

2 Startupigs video series.png


We're still working on new #Startupigs series on YouTube and Facebook that will push your NFT to the moon

3 Building Los Porkos World.png

3. 500 sold

After we sell 500 hand-drawn pigs/accessories NFTS, we start building the world of Los Porkos - floor price of a pig NFT is less than 0.01 ETH

4. play to earn mobile game

5. charity and WIN $/ETH and NFT

6. WIN $/ETH and

NFT with a world biggest collage of pigs

7. 10.000 pigs for you

The biggest mint of pigs, that everyone can own a pig. but not only 1 or 2 or 3 characters. It will be legendary. 

8. Buy a plot

start of sale of the plots for houses and other

things/buildings in lPW gain Oinks AND make some mony with it. First 200 pig owners becomes it for free.

9. buy Appartments

start of sale of the apartments lPW gain Oinks

10. House sale

start of the sale of the houses lPW gain prestige points/Oinks


after the sale of 500 plots/apartments, win a plots/APT

12. charity

Charity, RARE giveaway, WIN MONEY 

13. interactive map

interactive map

14. win house

After the sale of 200 houses, win houses

15. charity

Charity and giveaway

16 (Small).png

16. make your nft

furnish an apt/house and make your own LPW NFT

17 (Small).png

17. Collage

collage of furnished apartments like NFT for the auction

18.Building game

start of developing a freemium city-building game from lpw

19 (Small).png

19. Movie with nft

Start making a movie from lpw

OS oink-blink2.png


More PRESTIGE POINTS/oinks mean = more wins. Everyone can be best and in one month win something special like a yacht, plane, helicopter, etc.

And much more

There will be much more. Stay tuned on our discord.


developing of los porkos world
is a neverending story 😎 

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Stop buying 10K sh*t, BULLsh*t, GOATsh*t, APEsh*t, DEADsh*t, HEADsh*t, ALLsh*t

Buy this PIGsh*t! it is going to be ultra-viral

Buy this PIGsh*t! where everything is original and hand-drawn by real people, mainly by a f*cking great and famous designer MIGUEL. His design is f*cking insane.  We don't make another 10K sh*t. We are building history here!

What is unique - The first metaverse with more metaverses/metaversums in it. That means more play-to-earn multiplayer games, rare NFTs, more in-game trading marketplaces, seasonal events, minigames, NFT locked regions, and more fun. In our metaverse, you can own a pig, buildings, flats, rent houses, hotels, flats, own lands with, e.g., goldmine, oil, levitanium, water, woods, etc. With them, you can build your own factory and, e.g., build flying cars, computers, and more cool things. EVERYTHING like A NFT.

Do you like social more? You can live next to a famous influencer and come to his club, or you can create your own club with friends and chat and make some cool stuff; maybe you can be a big influencer thanks to Los Porkos World. An influencer can have a donate button or sell their own merch or NFTs.

And more and more cool stuff you can do in LPW and make money.

Still not interested? What about fights, competitions, and more? In every sub-metaverse, you will have more opportunities to win after a fight or competition, some money, and NFTs. You can also win or eat somebody's NFT if he agrees. 

What? shitoccalypse? From Pigs dictionary: "When it's not just your own world in shit, but the whole world of everyone and each of your friends and neighbor also with everything and everyone you know and everything where you live is swimming in shit".

The start of our metaverse is after a shitoccalypse. What does it mean? After the whole city is fallen in a huge crater full of sh*t due to mining of levitanium that was right under the sump full of sh*t from the city and the sh*t-sump was right under the city, the pigs were dirty and broken. After this shitocallypse has the king decided to go to his old abandoned palace and build the city again. He abandoned the palace because of laziness and parties! Will he perform that right? You can see it on the palace status bar? You can vote how the palace should look like, support its rebuild, and the best supporters will win the older NFTs of a palace. See what the lazy pigs can do with their new city and support them. 

Grow together

Because we love what we are doing and love our community and the NFT community, we will ask the community for their opinions and brainstorm with them. We will support other NFT artists, not 10K sh*t. 

The first 200 pig BUYERS becomes the plot for free. Are you an influencer who wants to own a plot? Feel free to contact us.

If you like to work or collab with us, feel free to contact us.

Draw a pig and send it to us for the biggest collage of pigs in the world.

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Every week/month, we have a giveaway for our community on Twitter, also mentioned on our discord.

After reaching every 500 participants/members, our Discord community will have a special giveaway.


If our sales NFT sales from the Los Porkos World art reach the following numbers, we will make a special giveaway only for owners:

30 NFTs – 1 special giveaway

60 NFTs - 1 special giveaway

every 100 NFTs – 2 or 3 special giveaway

What we do with money

Even if we are pigs, we don’t devour away the money.

And this we stand for, we are enthusiasts who are working to make Los Porkos beneficial for the NFT community and the surrounding area. We are working on videos and games, which are here for fun and serve everyone. Therefore, we decided to sell all the material from our videos and games and part of this sale of data to organizations to support the weakest

and to help our planet


We support the growth of your investment trough games, videos, marketing and products like hoodies, T-shirts, etc.


We support charity

We support small NFT artists 


We’ll buy Miguel a little boat when he is a good piggy.

Our team

Who we are 

and our good friends in bad weather Jakub, Roman, David,

and sergio

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