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How we came to be

Get to know the history of the world of pigs
God of Rig.png
Time machine
Distant future

Space travel

Space travel becomes reality, they began to populate surrounding planets and they began to exploit mineral resources.



The pigs made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, creation of an area 69.

What is time anyway?
Time travel.PNG

Time travel

The inventor of the time machine is happy because he expects to earn money through this invention. He always fails, because he is a real loser.

The apocalypse

The end?

Deserts are expanding, drinking water decreases, factories are being built and water is more polluted than ever. Caused by global warming sea levels are rising.

The end.jpg
The present

Sky was not the limit

What really happened no-one knows. The world is celebrating astronauts as they set their hooves on moon.

The late 1970s


The Internet was created accidentally as almost everything in this world. It connected pigs from all around the world, but they began to lose touch with the real world.

The 1950s
When pigs fly.jpg

When pigs fly

Flying was soon invented by sisters Reeds, when they were wearing big skirts in the wind.

The late 1940s


After crude oil, the pigs knew they needed a better source of energy. They soon found electricity.

the 1900s
Influence of gangs.jpg

Influence of gangs

With grow of industrial production grew cities and accordingly also crime. Gangs emerged and gangland influence has spread. Gangland had an impact on political leaders or was it vice versa?

The late 1800s

The Automobile

Next on the list of advancements was the car. The Automobile meant not only increase of comfort but also the onset of automated production.

The Automobile.jpg
 The year 1756
The Discovery oil.PNG

The discovery of crude Oil

The pigs discovered the most powerful (and dangerous) source of energy: crude oil.

The year 1200


After the war, many technological and scientific advancements were made. Around this time, the pigs discovered the force that tied them to the ground - gravity. Medicine began with Marsfo Leggale, who learned this 'art' in exile in underdeveloped cow’s land and at tribal cows fighting, from a local shaman Malmana.

Beginning of Los Porkos

Ancient homeland

After abandoning it because of the cows, they ventured back to the enchanted land of the ROMOS empire, and built the great city of Los Porkos. It also marks the end of the era before los porkos (BLP)

300 BLP

The Swine war

Not long into the new expansion, the pigs found a new rival- the swine. Upon the discovery of swine, a war sparked between the two. The pigs discovered their innate abilities and they decimated their enemy.

The swine war.PNG
400 BLP


Invention of steel ensured pigs an invincibility in the known world. They made resistant indestructible armor to aid them in battle.

500 BLP

New beginnings

This minority of pigs went on to create the town of Porkland, where they further developed.

New beginnig.PNG
700 BLP
All over again.PNG

All over again...

Of pigs remained only a handful. They wandered the lands and through many hardships and attacks, they evolved and repopulated.

800 BLP

End of an empire

Cows continued to be further exploited as slaves. They realized their strength and overthrew the ROMOS Empire.

900 BLP


After accidentally leaving some grapes in the sun, the pigs invented wine. From there, they only got stupider.

1000 BLP


The pigs only got lazier and fatter, while the cows worked all day. The greatest civilization known - the ROMOS empire. The intellectual society of pigs was on the rise, which led to their demise. They couldn’t fight.

1500 BLP


After scientific advancements, the pigs invented seafaring. They found an island of underdeveloped tribe of cows and clashed with them.

2000 BLP


Pigs began banging on stones in a cave, accompanied by strange movements. They called it “The Dance”.

4500 BLP
The wheel.png

The wheel

After a few broken backs, one smart piggy invented the wheel for better transport.

10 000 BLP

Tribal times

Pigs started grouping up and creating tribes, better tools and jewelry. On top of that, the porkos invented agriculture!

Tribal times.png
1 Million BLP


Pigs used to have hair back in the day...until they started setting each other on fire.

A few million years later

The stone age

The pigs found a bunch of stones and created tools to help them hunt and survive. THE STONE AGE

The beginning of time
The beginning

Evolution from a cell

From one black spot emerged an eye. The sperm evolved into a lizard, then a little animal. It learned to stand on two legs and finally became a pig!

A thing to note

All the characters in this world are a work of fiction however inspired by reality. Any resemblance is coincidental. Those who identify themselves with our heroes are doing so at their own risk (and danger). In case you would like to try it (even though we’ve warned you),  please feel free to join us…

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