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Introducing the crew

Meet the amazing team behind Los Porkos! We are the people that come up with the ideas, direct them, write them, sketch them, draw them, animate them, gamify them.

Michalides 2.png


The one who breathed life to our pigs. An artist at heart. Occasionally a frustrated architect and a builder with his legs on the table.


Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Our catalyst, motivator and work divider. A meditating strategist who can not wait any longer to laze on a yacht.
Valdo 2.png


The one who made the bed for our pigs. So that they could at least sleep on that straw.


A thinker and a savant in animating our world. He can’t be stopped by procrastination.
Nedavat (1).png


An eternal negativist. Enforcer and the Overseer.

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