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Aim of the project: Stimulating support for sustainable employment and job creation in the cultural and creative industries through the creation of a favorable environment for the development of the creative talent of non-technological innovations.


Brief description of the project: The Los Porkos design project is aimed at creating a realistic plan for achieving success in business in the coming period. Currently, as part of the company's development, we have also begun to focus on products that create visuals created by innovative techniques and gift items with a "cheerful theme" for which we have a trademark. The required funds will be used to expand the company's offer of new products, better integrate into the society of young people, improve marketing and advertising. And to improve our work by using new digital techniques with which we are interested in expanding not only within the EU. The goal of the company was and continues to be to create an "exception" in today's gloomy times. We strive to enrich the market with a smile and cohesion. Intention of Los Porkos s.r.o. is to unite people and bring them fun and a new direction of feeling through images, digital printing of patches and motifs with cheerful themes transformed into games, illustrations or various other objects. The company Los Porkos s.r.o. plans to have created the first and basic portfolio of products after the end of the project, which will generate revenues for the operation of the company. At the same time, it will be the basis for the creation of 4 new jobs that will be sustainable in the long run and their goal will be to ensure the development and prosperity of the company. The project will help the company create a technical and operational background for the development and creation of creative products, their advertising and sales.


The main timeframe of the project: 20/4/2020 - 10/1/2022 Project area: Šurany 

A non-refundable deposit of: 168 898,51 EUR The total sum from the European Union: 151 119,72 EUR

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