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Today has not started well

I don't like summer, and even when my own parents drive me out to play in the fresh air with friends.

Eventually, I obeyed my parents and climbed out of my den, in which I had a mess and a piglet, which I loved immensely.

Oh, my God, the sun again! It almost burned my eyes, probably every one of us knows the feeling of tingling in our eyes. But even the fresh smell of grass is not very pleasing, because it is pure hell for us allergy sufferers. Every single step of an allergy sufferer means every time one sneeze.

But this is not all! The biggest enemy is the insect! Nothing beats grubbing and dodging a deadly creature called a "bee."

The only pitch is that it gives us honey, and if we don't have it, we don't have healthy food called fruits and vegetables. Ugh well, which of us juniors likes vegetables or fruits.

Let's go back to that zigzagging between a swarm of bees. Everyone thinks that overcoming RPG games is the hardest thing, but by far they were wrong, the hardest thing for a pig is to run a marathon among a swarm of raging bees.

Allpig Franc Junior

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