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Time is not my weakness

Hello, hello is Rose Rosse on the phone? I would ask for the fastest possible transportation, domestic as the speed of light in the Sun to the Pigstaled Building Bank.

Yet you can see that this is my whole life, the job of an ultra-super-mega-hype-home-turbocycle taxi driver. It's not such an easy job, but it's a dream come true for not every little boy. I love this job but I also hate it, sometimes I feel like a schizophrenic.

My clients tend to be high-profile seniors in ministries, offices and similar institutions.

Although they are important gentlemen in suits, they are not grobians, they do not spare me, in fact, it is not so much about me as it is about their own comfort. I have to fulfill them two main and important services as they provide the provision of luxury and express fast driving on the chosen route, and therefore mean they do not save money.

I already feel like a professional in my job. You certainly didn't miss my portrait photo in the uniform of a real world highway racer.

"Follow your dreams and enjoy your happy and short life"

Rose Rosse

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