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Sniffle has Johny, he doesn't like spring, he hisses little birds that he doesn't like

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Sniffle has Johny
Sniffle has Johny

The story of Johny and why he doesn't like spring.

sneeze, this is heard all the time when I leave my house. It's hard for me to stand up and chase for work when I know what awaits me. Constant blowing and sipping throughout the day.

I'm definitely not the only one who is a big fan of gardening, but I have to avoid him during the hot spring days because I wouldn't do anything but sneeze during the day. In fact, in one word, I can call myself an oxymoron, I love flowers, but they don't do me any good during the spring pollen days, so I hate them and they hate me. I hate sniffles, I don't like spring.

I've tried everything from muddy products to stop smell to various masks, but not one thing helped. I have to put up with it, otherwise, it doesn't work.

These were all negatives of my day, have good friends

Johny Pigsneeze

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