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Hard work also requires courage

My day after a good Friday party starts in fitness, in preparation for the photo shoot. It's not easy to be a model. I constantly motivate myself to exercise, I say to myself: "Come on, Emily, come on, put it on!" I always give it to me, I am a single, cultured woman who goes for success and is looking for the right partner for the next part of her life.

I shouldn't have gone to a party with Steven Piglins, but I say to myself there is nothing better than getting great exercises in the morning, running on a treadmill and last but not least, lifting a few dumbbells to thin my fat muscles.

Now you think of me as vulgar because I have no motivation. Of course, I have like the right pig, the inhabitant of the land of pig bohemians. Every good pig thinks of only one thing, and that is food.

However, it is statistically proven that we pigs think of food on average every five minutes. The only downside for me is that I make a living as a model.

The models imagine each beautiful and skinny. Not always everything has to be stereotypical, there are also models with a wider figure than I have.

When I was younger, they made fun of me for being fat, and where I got it, I do photo-commercials for one of the most famous cosmetics companies.

"Don't let anyone scare you the way you look, listen to yourself and do what you do"

Emily Magg

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