Friday is great, and it's the best

It's good Friday, and I'm Steven Pilgins going to celebrate this holiday. What I'm saying is that Friday is a holiday, Friday is a gift from up there that created our Earth, and created the eggs from which we made my pig and create civilized people.

But let's get to the point!

Today we can finally enjoy the fun of performing belly dancing "hehe", you can imagine my fats, which are created by a tsunami on my huge hairy body.

From a distance, I hear an annoying bell that makes a sound like breaking glass on the ground "skŕŕŕŕpp, skrŕŕŕŕpp, skŕŕŕŕp".

A visit came consisting of two boyish friends Rosa and Rosalda, one beautiful friend Emily (she is trying to help her by the hand :-D ) .