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Being visually rich is not everything

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Oh, imagine it's Friday and needs to rest in the bathtub after a long business, but you don't have a bathtub.

Business Day is really challenging.

During the day of driving in an expensive car * luxury brand, I would rather not mention the non-stop watch made of 16 carat gold on hand for a high loan.

After work, dry bread and removing coffee from the stove, the dream of every "beginning" rich man. After a weak dinner, poor wellness with foam, which consists of a fire extinguisher tucked in a poor waste container, is a pure ideal for starting work in the company.

In a few years I will break into the world with my idea of a wellness stay for the "rich" during the day, and the "poor" at night.

Adams PigJobs

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Robert Brna
Robert Brna
27 avr. 2021

Ja ani hasiaci pristroj nepotrebujem 🤣

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